Our new multiport fuel injection

The Healey Werks is pleased to announce highly advanced and tunable multiport fuel injection for all Austin Healey, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and a wide range of other classic vehicles.

Over the course of many years it has been identified that stock carburetor and distributor systems cannot give access to full potential engine efficiency and power at numerous throttle and RPM ranges. After several years of research, development, programming and extensive testing The Healey Werks is ready to offer this new exciting product in kit or installed form.

Extensive testing on our AWD Superflow Dynamometer has allowed us to extract the most horsepower performance, torque, fuel economy, and drivability out of a multiport fuel injected Austin Healey 3000.

We use multiple reference points for razor sharp ignition and injector timing and dwell. Multiple control features include traction control, multiple cooling fan outputs, A/C mode, live telemetry, and a host of others.

• We can also provide a different timing point for cranking to relieve stress on the starter.
• If your cooling system begins to fail and coolant temperature begins to rise, the ECU will go into a limp home mode, by changing fuel and ignition.
• We can install a safe way to add rev limiter, we do not cut fuel at rev limit, this would rapidly lean out the combustion chamber and create massive amounts of dangerous heat levels. By intermittently cutting ignition we can keep RPM to a safe level.
• We can provide systems that utilize our custom distributors or systems that are distributorless.

Through significant dyno testing we have built multiple fuel maps that maintain a perfect air fuel ratio from zero to full load and idle to maximum RPMs.

By operating the car and exact load and speed ranges for extended amounts of time we have created a reliable, safe, smart, and powerful conversion.

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